No doubt many people have already spoken far more eloquently about recent world events than ever I could, but the wearing of pink hats is one way to show your resistance to the wave of intolerance and hatred that seems to be seeping into the very fabric of western culture.

There are many versions of the Pussy Project Hat out there and this is just my take on it, I certainly don’t lay claim to the idea but as a self-professed #nastywoman I hope that it may be of use to someone out there in blogville who may not have happened upon the original patterns yet.2 HATS

I bought 10 skeins of  vegan-friendly yarn which means that absolutely anyone can wear the hat. The 50/50 cotton/acrylic blend also has the benefit of being itch-free – win win!

I had the idea that the first 10 people who spontaneously expressed a wish for me to knit them one of the Pussy Project Hats would get one – or maybe the first 9 people cos I’d quite like one myself.

Well, the first 5 are in the bag, so to speak.  One lives in Devon, with my sister,  one in Oxfordshire with my nephew’s girlfriend (and phew it’s big enough to accommodate dreads… ) one is with my son’s gorgeous girlfriend, who has ridiculously perfect waves in her hair (jealous… moi?) and two are hot-footing it to the other son who will give the hats to both brides at an upcoming wedding.

Just a note to a sparkling friend in Hebden Bridge – your admiration has been noted – saying nothing… but watch this space 😉

The first two hats had a cast on of 92 sts and the subsequent ones began with 96 sts for a slightly looser fit.

Anyhoo…. here’s how to make one (or 10).


1 x 50g skein James C Brett Cotton on DK (145 m/ 158 yds) – SHADE CO8

pink yarn

1 set 3.75mm Double Pointed Needles (DPNs)

2 x 3.75mm Circular Needles – I prefer these once the stockinette happens because no matter how hard I ‘tug’ I always get ‘ladders’ with DPNs.

Tapestry needle for weaving in the ends.


  • Cast on 96 sts – I use long-tail method over 2 DPNs.
  • With 32 sts on each of 3 DPNs, join to form a circle – you will now knit in the round until binding off.
  • Knit 20 rounds of K2, P2 rib. (For a deeper rib just add another 10 rounds)
  • Switching to the 2 sets of circular needles (48 sts on each), knit 46 rounds (or 36 rounds if you’ve done the deeper rib).
  • Turn the hat inside out and using a DPN as the third needle, do a 3-needle-bind-off.
  • Weave in the ends like a pro and turn the hat the right way around.

Job done!

Wear with pride whilst retaining a sense of optimism – like these fellow #nastywomen

Kirstin  Lucy

FullSizeRender  vicky hat

Happy Days?

Tina x


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