A Bevvy of Beautiful Clangers

The planning started way back at the end of October last year and the three of us met in secret, feeling slightly guilty at not including our gorgeous friend, but as the results were to be a birthday surprise for her, we had no choice…

All this clandestine activity and here is the result!Clanger group

Let me introduce you to the Clanger 4 – each of which has been personalised to represent the humans they represent…

Say hello to Diamond Clanger with her trademark grey…. sorry… BROWN plaits…Diamond Clanger


And here’s Fi Clanger with her trademark scrappy hound Ben who is Spike’s bestest bud.Fi Clanger


Next is the birthday girl – Jacqui Clanger and look – she’s wearing a cowl like the one I made for the human Jacqui (except in real life it’s a mobius – same yarn though – 2 skeins of King Cole Galaxy in Turquoise).Jacqui Clanger


And finally Tina Clanger – me – complete with a pair of knitting needles and a tiny ball of the Galaxy yarn.Tina Clanger

The free pattern for Tiny Clanger is available here. I understand that there’s also an updated version with larger ears here.  My two friends followed the pattern religiously but because I’m not a fan of sewing seams, I adapted the pattern to knit in the round.  I also grew the ears and arms directly onto the head and body – again, no sewing – yay!

Back last year I made a few of the little beasties for another friend and her fella for their wedding day but haven’t posted them on here til now because I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for the birthday girl… Aren’t I sneaky?

Image 86

I used Stylecraft Special DK yarn, safety eyes, polyester felt and I found bits of cardboard to reinforce the feet and some toy stuffing to give them their lovely rounded tummies.  There must be someone in your life who would utter squeals of delight if you made them one of these.  Or maybe, like our friend, they would burst into tears in the middle of Pizza Express and be unable to utter a word for 5 minutes – which, if you knew my friend, you would understand is remarkable!

On another matter entirely…

Do you ever start a project, get bored, adapt the pattern to ease the boredom and end up with a big ugly mess? Well I certainly do – so I took to some liberal frogging and ended up with a crochet cowl/capelet thingy by repurposing the Lion Brand Amazing yarn that I would otherwise have put in the bin – it looks ok in the end but because I’m larger than my mannequin (which I got for nothing on Freegle Leeds) it sits differently on me than is ideal – if I make this again, I’ll make it wider.

Amazing Tina side

Here it is with the opening at the side…


Amazing Tina Front

And …the opening is at the back on this photo.


amazing 1

My mannequin looks great in it – she has no double-chins and a less matronly bust!

I followed the basic instructions for the Windowpane Scarf – by Adrienne Lash which is downloadable free here.

Using the formula of chaining multiples of 6+4 – I started with a chain of 130 (4 of which make the first dtr). The pattern uses USA terminology so do be vigilant if you’re from elsewhere in the world…

Close-up WindowPane

I then worked 9 repeats, joined to work in the round and made the cowl part of the garment doing a further 5 repeats. I’m pretty happy with the result and might just make another few variations with other bits and bobs of yarn that are lying about feeling unloved.

I can hear my  WIPs calling from my craft room now, so I must be going.

Happy days

Tina x




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