And the winner is…

showbiz_main_library_emu_ds_icon_6The last time I won anything was a very long time ago indeed – it must have been 1975ish when I was about 12 years old and was one of the last people to visit the tombola stall at the school summer fayre. I think that maybe they took pity on me or maybe they were just desperate to get rid of it but whatever it was I ended up walking away with an Emu puppet. I was absolutely delighted – this was in the days when the most anarchic thing in the UK was Rod Hull and Emu – punk was just around the corner but until then we lived in a kind of blissful haze. Summers were long and hot and friendships lasted forever… until they didn’t.

Balls GroupMany moons later (too many to count) I am thrilled recipient of one of the Stylecraft Special DK Limited Edition packs of 10 x 50g of customer-chosen colours. THANK YOU STYLECRAFT!


I got mine by visiting the gorgeous blog of       Le Monde De Sucrette and the squeals of delight that I emitted when I saw my name announced as the winner frightened the little doggie so much that she’s taken to daily doses of Xanax (doggie valium) to help her get over the trauma.

I absolutely love the combination of colours in the pack and am totally in love with Lobelia, Duck Egg and Pistachio not to mention Cypress, Mustard, Kelly Green, Boysenberry, Empire and Fuschia!

Balls 3Balls 4

In a bit of a panic (I heard that the limited edition packs were selling out all over the country) I also hot-footed it down to my local Stylecraft stockist Lil’s Craft Shop, where the lovely Lynda had saved another two packs for me as well as extra balls of Lobelia – yay!

Balls 1Balls 5

Since then, the news from Stylecraft is that all colours will now be available permanently – double yay!!

cushion on chair 2_Fotor

Anyway I thought you might like to see the cushion cover that I made with my pack.

cushion 3




I’ve always loved circles in squares and I know it’s been done before but this is my very own way of achieving them – I think I’ll get a different cushion inner – the basic white from IKEA is very white indeed – as you can see.


cushion 4


Lobelia is one of those magic colours that just seems to go with EVERYTHING – which is why I chose it for the outside colour for my circles.


I also made this flower and I’m thinking of making more and ending up with a wrap or shawl of some kind – I’ll keep you posted.

I’m not ready to mention Christmas…

Happy Days

Tina x


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