No, I’m not talking about attacking the local drug-dealer, although I will admit that buying yarn, without a particular project in mind is becoming a serious addiction as you can see.

photo 1-6

To put this into perspective, my craft room is tiny, smaller than the ‘smallest room in the house’ and yet I have managed to squirrel away enough yarn to open a medium-sized shop – now there’s a thought…

photo 2-6And believe me when I say that these are just the (very) edited highlights…

photo 4-3

There’s more but I just can’t bring myself to show you, maybe when we know each other better?

Anyway, I was keen to try a C2C – “What’s a C2C?”, I heard myself asking in a Facebook crochet-and-knitting-lovers’ group a few weeks ago. “Corner to Corner” came the reply – so I studied a few YouTube videos and sat down with a 4mm hook and a bag of random DK yarn and two weeks later – Ta dah!

photo 2-1

I know the colours are a bit odd together and I had a vaguely artsy-fartsy (that’s a technical term for advanced hookery) notion of controlling the introduction of a new colour in a small way, continuing with the main colour and then re-introd……..OK so forget it! It’s too dull to give any more space here and anyway I abandoned the idea cos it looked pants – which is why the blanket looks better at the grey/yellow end.

photo 3Anyway I have busted a huge stash and ended up with this slightly ugly duckling, complete with a rather cute shell-like edge, which somehow seems to bring the whole thing together as though I made it on purpose!

photo 2-2

It grew quickly at the start and I Instagramed enthusiastically about it but I did lose heart a little in the middle and kept picking up a cream-coloured stash-busting Easy-Peasy Poncho to knit for a while, raising my spirits and easing my aching thumbs.

hyde-park-picture-houseI took it with me to ‘Macbeth’ at our wonderful local gas-lit cinema (yes, gas-lit!) – but sadly it was too dark to work on once the film started proper. This gave me a rather wonderful idea – special screenings of films for crafters – with the lights in the auditorium remaining on just enough to see stitches, hooks and needles – genius! I must suggest it to the lovely Wendy at said Hyde Park Picture House – she’s always open to suggestions and they do already have tea and coffee and some lovely vegan treats – perfect for all us sugar-hungry crafters.

photo 4-1I think I’ll give the blanket to ‘the dog’ – she looks thrilled doesn’t she?!dog

Happy days

Tina x


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