A sigh of relief…

Well after a final push this past week and despite the world of ‘work’ butting in on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I managed to finish the blanket for my friend. From this….                                                          to this.

Tah da!
Tah da!

Michele's Blanket

I decided to block it and even out the slightly curly, wobbly edges. Because the finished blanket was 125cm x 125cm it was quite heavy and took seemingly FOREVER to dry out. bathI had only just enough play mats for the blocking so I might need to get some more so that I’m ready when it comes to blocking the blanket I’m now back to working on for myself for our double bed. Anyway, the blanket is now heading towards my unsuspecting friend and, as my husband so kindly put it, if she doesn’t like it, she can give it to the dog! That’s a vote of confidence I could do without, even if the dog is adorable…photo 2

Week 1
Week 1

The blanket has been on my lap in the evenings now for about 3 weeks … …so I feel a bit bereft without it but I started  the Scheepjes Spring 2 Summer CAL 2015 – “Flight of Fancy” last week….

Week 2
Week 2

…so I quickly got to work on the motifs for Week 2 and as you can see, I’m blocking them now! This is the first CAL (Crochet Along) that I’ve been involved with and I’m really enjoying it so far. It’s going at a relaxed pace and the Facebook group is (mostly) very friendly and supportive. Go #teamheron! I’ve hit a few technical issues with my video tutorials, hence the delay in posting on YouTube, but I’m happy to say that it’s finally ready and you can watch it here!

Thank you Vegan Dad!
Thank you Vegan Dad!

I’m off to have a sneaky bowl of the ridiculously chocolately vegan chocolate chip pudding that I made for hubby for Father’s Day yesterday… Happy days Tina x


4 thoughts on “A sigh of relief…

  1. Tina you are a total genius with your crochet not to mention your delicious vegan puds…. I love it, and I love your blog too 😊 xxx


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