Taking Time…

endsWell, the weather really played with us this week, one moment I could believe that summer had arrived and the next, I’m putting on my warmest socks and sitting with a blanket round my shoulders!

I had such a lovely day today at the Sue Ryder Shop in Headingley where I led a 3-hour crochet workshop for complete beginners.

photo 3New swear words were acquired and tension in the shoulders battled against as the 4 patient and dedicated beginners determined to get to grips with hook and yarn. There were cups of tea, little amaretti biscuits and mini chocolate squares to go round but they’re a rather lady-like bunch in Headingley so there was plenty to take home again!

I must say that they were all wonderful to work with and by the end of the three hours everyone could produce a slip-knot, foundation chain and double crochet and had even got as far as flirting with trebles – bravo my brave bunch – you have made a start and there’s no stopping you now.

I have promised an upload of a video tutorial (or two) to refresh memories and I hope to work on those in the next few days and then put a link to them here.

A few requests have been made to learn Granny Squares (hurray!) so I’ll speak with Sue Ryder about organizing that and I’ll keep you all posted – just in case.

Progress on the blanket for my friend is moving along although preparing for today’s workshop rather put paid to much happening yesterday – still it’s looking rather lovely at around 1/3rd of the way through and I have time this week to get it almost finished (famous last words).photo 5

I’m looking forward to my big son coming back from university in London in the next week or so, partly because it just feels good to catch sight of him occasionally in between bouts of hanging out with his old friends back in Leeds and partly because I can’t wait for us to work together on getting the ‘Granny Randomiser App’ (how’s that for a name?) into a useable format.

Sending out lots of positive thoughts about summer weather and matching lemon drizzle cake.

Happy days

Tina x


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