A change of plan…

photo 4Everything else is on hold because I want to make a blanket for a dear friend who is facing some very big challenges at the moment.

I was enjoying working on the muted greys blanket, which will go on my bed, mostly because of the joy of working the random pattern, so it made sense to use the ‘random’ idea with my friend’s favourite colours (according to her daughter).

photo 4-1It’s always fun coming up with colours that work together (even if they really shouldn’t) but it can feel a little daunting to embark on a project which will probably be around 100 squares.

The only option is to pick up hook and yarn and off we go!

Here’s the app-Michele's Blanketgenerated pattern (I’m working from the top left corner):

Just eight colours this time (including the edging) which gives an unbelievable 823,000 unique square possibilities – I know, that’s amazing isn’t it?

I bought all the Stylecraft Special DK yarn – Aster, Saffron, Sage, Stone, Sherbert, Cloud Blue, Lipstick and finally Storm Blue for the edges, from a great little shop in Crossgates, Leeds. Lil's craft shop interiorLynda had every single colour in the range (except the new variegated ones) – it was like a little corner of heaven and I just couldn’t resist taking a photo inside the shop…

The internet prices are fab too at only £1.75 per ball and because I live quite close by I could get my hands on what I wanted straight away without having to wait for the postman – win, win.

photo 5-1Here’s how it’s looking so far (about 1/3 of the way through) on this gorgeous sunny Sunday in my garden – oh, and I decided to swap one of the colours once I saw the real deal in the flesh – the Bright Green I originally selected got replaced by a more subtle Aster, so in a small way I’m going off plan!

I’ve also decided to join as I go to save all the heartache of endless weaving in and stitching later – clever me.

I must sign off for now, I need a piece of cake.

Happy days – Tina x


4 thoughts on “A change of plan…

  1. I both knit and crochet (but mostly the former, these days) and I always get a little frustrated with 90% of crochet stuff being Granny squares, or some variation thereof. I made a jumper years ago that looked like knitted cables, but it was crocheted.

    That said, your little fan of individual Granny squares made me smile – they’re so stinking cute!


    1. I know what you mean about an overload of granny squares Kathy… I tend to stick to blankets and cushions for crochet but for clothes I tend to end up with good old knitting! Have you seen Jenny King’s ‘Get Squared’ stuff? There are lots of clothes made from crochet – yes they’re squares but not at all Granny. I also saw a granny square coat on Pinterest which was just beautiful. As I’m typing this I’m becoming all too aware of what’s on my imaginary ‘to-make’ list … sigh.


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