Making a start…

pegsWell, I’ve been thinking about this for ages and now the time has finally come.  I’ve made space in my life to devote more time to the things that bring me happiness and crochet is a huge part of that.  I’m excited to share my love of all things crochet… and because I’m a bit of a craft whore, there might be occasional knitting or even sewing moments too!

So let me just dive right in and start with my latest project, a solid granny-squares blanket inspired by one of my favourite bloggers The Patchwork Heart.  I have almost every colour of Stylecraft Special DK but not enough of all the colours I needed to make an identical blanket, so I got out my trusty pegs (thanks to Lucy at Attic24 for the brilliant idea) and started to put together a colour palate of 11 muted greys, pinks, blues and even a lovely soft green.  Believe it or not this took me a few hours – I kept changing my mind – but finally I have come up with what I think is the ideal combination.  In case you love my colours, here’s a list of the ones I’m using : Grey (this will go on the edge of each square), Graphite, Parchment, Cream, Meadow, Violet, Denim, Lavender, Pale Rose, Grape and Silver.

Let me tell you a little secret – shhhh – I think I might be a bit of a control-freak because I want the blanket to look kind of random, like I just went with my instinct in the moment about what colour should go where – you know?  But my need for order means that I start over-thinking things and I get caught-up in each colour getting a fair crack at the whip – I mean it would be unfair to give one colour more of an airing than another – right?  Oh, it’s all so silly really and I want a carefree experience with this project.

Sooooo, I had a brainwave… I have a very mathsy (is that a word?) son, who is also handy with apps and such like, so I gave him a call and said, “Please could you make me an app which will generate random squares and I’ll just stick to what is generated?  The rules are that no colour must appear more than once in each square and that each square contains 5 colours plus the edge of grey that is common to all the squares.”

And my son said, “Yeah, alright, send me a photo of the colours you want to use”.  So I did, and a few minutes later he sent me this – Tah Dah!

I’m using this as my template for my random blanket and I’m loving it – all the worry about fairness to colours has been taken out of my hands by maths and believe it or not, not one square is identical to another.

Squares - the first 9

This is a photo of the first 9 – top left corner of the app-generated picture.  I’ve decided to join nine at a time to avoid going crazy and having to join the whole blanket together at once.

Just in case anyone actually reads this, I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you, whoever you might be…

Happy days – Tina x


7 thoughts on “Making a start…

    1. Hi Hope – wow! You’re my first visitor – thank you. The app is one my son made quickly for me and I’ve suggested that he should put it out there. I’ll keep people updated here… so glad you like it. I Instagram as LittleEnidFan – I’ll put some other pics from the app on there if you want to take a look… Tina x


  1. I love this Tina. Just like old times and chats about crochet and knitting when we might have been working. Go you. .I shall keep reading xx


    1. Hi Susanna – thank you so much for stopping by! Your support means so much to me. I’ve been out today with Spike photographing colourful flowers/posts/railings for inspiration for a new throw – for a much loved friend who’s having a tough time. Everything else is now on hold till then. Love to you – Tina x


    1. Hi Lynda – lovely to meet you yesterday – from now on I know where to get my Special DK locally – yay! I’m going to be working with my son over the next few months on making the app user-friendly for iPhone and hopefully Android too – watch this space…


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